Michael Jordan Still Defines The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls had a great league star capable of catapulting them as consecutive champions. The name is Michael Jordan, and he is the best.The first professional basketball team had many talented players and sports person. Among the most popular and sought-after players of the club, Michael Jordon requires special mention. At the beginning of his career, Jordon was a significant part of the University of North Carolina basketball team, for three years. It was no sooner that Jordon wanted his true potentials to flourish with flying colors. It was during this time, when this star player decided to join the National Basketball Association or NBA. Well, to be true, Jordan exhibited versatile game skills. Along with his attacking skills, he was also famous for defensive playing.

A brief overview

Michael Jordan played exceptionally well among most of his contemporaries. To be precise, he had the strength of scoring in bulks and his game technique was exceptionally well thought. While playing for Chicago Bulls, Jordan was no less than poetry in motion. Due to his speed and huge scoring capabilities, fans and worldwide basketball fanatics conferred the title of Air Jordan and His Airness on Michael.


  • Michael Jordon’s credentials are many. But to mention the most special ones, one must not forget the event of acquiring three peats. While playing with the Chicago club, Jordan tasted his first victory. Subsequent years witnessed consecutive wins from Jordan and in no time, he became the most sought-after league star.
  • During his entire sports career, Michael Jordon received great accolades, both individually and as the most important member of the team. Some of them are worth mentioning. They are Most Valuable Player or MVP Awards for five times, first Team designations from NBA for as many as ten times, and ten titles for scoring as well as NBA Finals MVP Award for as many as six times.
  • In spite of being the central protagonist of the club, Jordon was unable to continue an uninhibited journey with the bulls. Jordan soon left NBA for his growing affinity towards baseball. But this short leave was short-lived. This star league player soon returned to the Bulls
  • The unparallel mastery of the game that Jordan possessed proved itself another time. Due to his return and extraordinary performance, the Bulls secured the championship for almost another three years. The next time Jordan retreated from his retirement was during the 2001 and 2003 championships.

Additional credentials of the player

Unique to those times, Jordan was one of those players who received considerable amount of marketing attention from some of the best Chicago brands. Brands like Nike wanted Jordan as their esteemed brand ambassador. Moreover, exquisite shoe brand Nike, stirred up a revolution in sportswear by introducing sneakers named as Air Jordan. These exquisite pieces of sneakers are the favorites of people, till date. Apart from that, this Chicago Bulls star has featured on the silver screen, playing himself. The name of his first on-screen outing is Space Jam. Apart from that, presently, this basketball star is taken into consideration, among the most ingenious entrepreneurs of Chicago. Many young players have been inspired by this great basketball player. You can watch the recorded games of the star to learn perfect moves of basketball.

The First Skyscraper In The World: Chicago’s Home Insurance Building

In terms of longitudinal extent, as well as structural frameworks of the world’s most unique skyscrapers, the Home Insurance Building in Chicago can be conferred the title of a pioneer.

The insurance building of Chicago is a very old building. Located in the Illinois region of Chicago city, the structural base of this Numero Uno contains a steel frame as the primary base. Moreover, the entire structure offers fire-resistant features, in spite of comprising of metal frames. Well, this building is certainly not the tallest building in Chicago or USA. On the contrary, its unprecedented fame largely depends on the use of metal frames as the building blocks of its structure. However, the intricate parts of the entire structure contain wrought iron and cast iron as the base material.

The structural features

Comprising of ten stories, the Home Insurance Building of Chicago city is one of the unique skyscrapers of the world. Longitudinally, the building rose to almost 138 feet in height. Moreover, sometime later after the original construction, the structure went through a subtle change. Two additional stories were placed on top of the existing ones. Although a construction of such early periods, this skyscraper exhibits exquisite modern architecture and contemporary designs.


  • Weighing much less than a stone building, this high-rise weighed approximately one-third of stone buildings. Due to this reason, the construction officials were in a bit of a dicey frame of mind regarding its safety parameters. As a result, the construction process underwent a halt in the middle.
  • The building displays the excellence and intricacies of the Chicago School of architecture. William Le Baron Jenney, an engineer, was the main engineering personnel instrumental in the construction of this building.
  • To be precise and clear, this particular building exhibits the structural excellence of steel. Most of the primary columns and supporting structures contain steel frames and steel-girders as their basic components. Moreover, during the demolition of this skyscraper, some of the important arguments from builders point towards the presence of granite structures along with brick walls.
  • Although, it is the first high-rise to display revolution of steel technology, later researchers indicate towards the presence of masonry elements such as bricks, granites and others as well.
  • Other than introducing and establishing steel as one of the most significant constructional elements, this unique building was an example of the massive load bearing capacities of steel.
  • It is quite intriguing for you to know that Leroy Buffington, another famous architect of the time, belonging to the Minneapolis area devised a unique plan. The plan was to build a stratosphere kissing skyscraper comprising of as much as 28 stories. Well, this idea received a severe mockery from the architectural press and was nipped in the bud.

Forerunner of its time

However, there are several other advantages associated with the Home Insurance Building in Chicago. Buffington was instrumental in preaching the constructional procedures that use steel as the base material. Moreover, this unique skyscraper was successful in carving a unique niche in the construction sector. Prior to this, considering steel as one of the most basic structural elements in the construction of a building was not there. Therefore, even in the post demolition period, it remains as one of the forerunners of architectural mastery of the Chicago area.



What To Do For An Unusual Chicago Wedding? How About A Party Bus?

Not everyone is attracted to the idea of having a traditional wedding. Sometimes, something different and outside of the norm is best. By choosing a wedding that is outside of what most expect, you can also find ways to save money and stay within your wedding budget. Lately, one trend that has been arising in the party bus industry are party bus weddings. If you love the city of Chicago and are looking for something that your friends and family will all enjoy, then you may just want to consider a party bus wedding in Chicago.

Get Married On or Off the Bus

There are two different ways to use your Chicago party bus for your wedding. The first option, which is pretty common, is to host the wedding on the party bus. This type of option entails having your wedding party on the bus while it is moving throughout the city. The second option is to have the bus transport you and your family to the area where the wedding ceremony will be held. Because party buses are large, you can fit about 100 people or fewer on the bus.


Choose Your Destinations

There are many special features to any wedding. In terms of a wedding party bus, the most enjoyable feature is that you can choose where the bus transitions throughout the entire evening. You can let the driver know you’d like your wedding party to stop at the pier, at the Willis Tower, or wherever it may be. With this option, you and your wedding guests will be able to get a diverse and interesting taste of the city and truly make the most out of time spent in Chicago. If you’re looking to save time, it is also best to let your driver know in advance regarding places that you’d like to stop at.

The Ongoing Party

Finally, weddings are always a worrisome event due to drinking and driving. With a party bus wedding, this type of issue is not something that you or your wedding guests will need to worry about. The party bus is a safe environment where you and your guests can dance, drink, and celebrate as the bus driver carefully transitions the bus to places of your choice. With a party bus, your wedding celebration can go on all night long.

The Best Places To Eat In Chicago

Chicago is undoubtedly a foodie’s heaven. There is a unique character of the place that potentially places it among the greatest culinary providers worldwide. The place exhibits great prospects and utmost care in embracing almost all unique delicacies of the world. From shrimps cooked with hints of spicy garlic to Italian beef coupled with hot peppers, you can get them all. Moreover, most of the suburb areas in Chicago have the best eateries, fine diners as well as food outlets of the city. To add to the delights of your culinary experience, delicious pork dishes are also available. Furthermore, you can completely rely on the food outlets of the place for your every food requirement, from a hearty dinner to a quick snack.

Names to refer

The rapidly increasing popularity of Chicago food largely depends on its affordability. Moreover, each and every culinary speciality of the area is sure to optimize your taste preferences to unmatched heights. But, before you decide to satisfy your appetite by visiting the best places to eat in Chicago, you must acquire coherent knowledge on the best food joints, places, and their price.


  • Located in Elmwood Park, Johnnie’s Beef is one good place offering quality beef specialities for Chicago inhabitants as well as tourists. Primarily, this particular outlet is a worth mentioning among its peers, due to several reasons. The availability of spice endowed, juicy and perfectly cooked beef makes it inevitable for gourmets to pay regular visits to the place.
  • Imagine the thrill of savouring a richly endowed and wholesome sandwich for your lunch. Well, the ones available at Zenwich, around Elmhurst are much ahead of the regular options. The major stuffing of these exquisite sandwiches comprises of garlic shrimp or pork katsu coupled with a unique mix of spices.
  • Getting the taste of authentic Paris cuisine in the heart of Chicago is not that easy. But with the inception of Found kitchen, in Evanston, it’s your time to enjoy the richness of River North dining specialities. Additionally, the place offers prospective live jazz sessions for music connoisseurs. Moreover, the lamb meatballs are sure to make you crave for more.
  • Even if you shift your focus from the major areas of the suburbs, you will find a range of satisfactory options to tantalize your taste buds. Say, for example, Montarra Grill. With its global rendition of familiar seafood and steak wrapped in bacon, the outlet offers a tasty chapter from the classic and old-school food specialities of Chicago.
  • Libertad in Skokie is another great food joint of the area, offering barbecued lamb legs and wild mushrooms coupled with hints of jalapeno to titillate your taste buds.

Availability of additional specialities

Among the most intriguing features of the best places to eat in Chicago, you are sure to find a comprehensive menu. Furthermore, the costs of almost all dishes are affordable and offer the best value for your hard earned money. To add a creamy topping to your unique culinary experience, some of the food joints have the best menus for desserts and other delicious takeaways.


Jewel of Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo

Animals are one of the most important members of the ecological cycle of Nature, other than humans and plants, playing significant roles in maintaining a proper ecological balance. Moreover, animals are one of the major constituents of the food chain as well as protectors of eco diversity. Now, to protect nature’s diversity and exhibit unique wildlife characteristics, animals should receive the utmost care and attention of experienced zoo observers and scientists. The most famous zoo of Chicago excels in all departments of wildlife care and subsequently, its conservation. Visitors are sure to get intrigued by detailed viewing of around 200 wildlife species with a total number of 1100 animals.

Know the major population

Located exactly in Illinois, Lincoln Park of Chicago offers a free, uninhibited 3.5 acre area for wildlife conservation. Since its inception, the zoo has efficiently provided shelters to diverse wildlife varieties that include big cats, polar bears, penguins, reptiles as well as gorillas. The place provides shelters to exquisite and exceptional breeds of mammals, birds, amphibians displaying certain unique behavioural characteristics that considerably add to wildlife researches and studies worldwide.

  • For wildlife enthusiasts around the world, this unique wildlife park is sure to offer great diversity in every species of animals. From unique breeds of mammals, to the most poisonous and dangerous reptiles, this particular zoo has them all. A few of the unique mammal species are the African lion, African wild dog, Alpaca and American beaver. Amur tiger, Bactrian Camel, Black Howler monkey, cactus mouse and Crowned lemur are some other varieties.
  • Apart from huge and moderate sized mammals, the zoo successfully houses some of the solitary reptiles. Among the most popular names, you can find the Black tree monitor, Dwarf caiman, Dwarf crocodile, Green tree python, European glass lizard and sand boa. Meller’s chameleon, Eastern box turtle, Great Plains rat snake are other diverse species.
  • This special wildlife conservatory of Chicago can better be termed as a prospective wildlife sanctuary. Since its construction, it is the house of innumerable species of birds. From Bald Eagle, Abdim’s Stork, African Spoonbill, American Kestrel and Barn Owl to Black-necked stilt and blue-faced honey eater, the entire collection is enthralling for visitors.
  • Now, for wildlife researchers specializing in carrying out research on the diverse species of amphibians, there are American toad, Axolotl, and Mudpuppy. Special mention should be made of the dyeing poison arrow frog, which belongs to the rainforests of South America. The unique mixes of colours in its skin are potential signifier of toxic substances.

Presence of organic activities

The Lincoln Park Zoo ranks among the accredited zoos and wildlife sanctuaries of Chicago. Certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or AZA, the primary objective of the zoo is to conserve efficiently the wildlife resources of Chicago. Moreover, the zoo contains separate houses and shelters for individual groups and species of animals. Furthermore, the zoo offers exclusive farm highlights such as gardening procedures and hatching out of eggs, for the prolific visitors. Apart from that, the zoo houses its indigenous dairy farms, which offer hands-on milking sessions as well as gardening demonstrations of organic food and other dairy activities.


Can You Rely On Chicago Buses To Get Around?

For each and every distinguished occasion, the Chicago buses are your perfect party companions. By hiring this unique fleet of party buses, it’s time for great celebrations.Imagine partying hard with your friends in the luxury of an elegant limo. Well, you might be thoughtful about the availability of a unique travel service. But with the professional party bus services of Chicago, your worries are going to take a back-seat, and you can enjoy to the brim. Now, there are some regular options operating in the streets of Chicago. But for greatest optimization of your satisfaction quotient, it is always judicious to opt for the special limo bus services of Chicago. As the name suggests, these unique party bus services of Chicago perfectly match the luxury and style quotient of a gallant limo. Other than that, spacious floors are an added advantage of hiring these special buses.

Know the available features

Now, to transform your regular travel tale into exclusive travel memories, the Chicago buses will practically offer you endless possibilities. But, before opting for a service, there are some significant points that need attention. To further enhance your travel experience to unparalleled statures, it will be judicious on your part to opt for the experienced services of Chicago. Some of the professional bus services possess approximately eight years of operational experience coupled with the availability of the distinguished fleet.


  • Well, as a prolific party-goer, you would certainly not like to introduce your esteemed guests and friends to an unclean party bus. The most professional services of the area possess a comprehensive understanding of your basic requirements. Hence, their fleet is brand new with pristine cleaning of the floors and other areas.
  • Gearing up your fun and enjoyment quotient, are among the most significant functions of these unique party buses. Some of the most competent services are capable of offering you a range of specialities like porcelain floors and great sound systems for dance sessions. Apart from that, exciting laser shows, as well as flat screen televisions in HD resolutions for coherent viewing of images and videos, are also available.
  • One of the major positive attributes of these special party buses is their exceptional and distinguished team of staffs. Not only do they possess proper licensing in driving, but are also refined in taste and polite in behaviour. Furthermore, the cordiality of these highly experience chauffeurs add to the unique experience of clients.
  • Hiring these unique party buses of Chicago is sure to be a pleasurable experience. Primarily, because of the all inclusive prices and rates, you are sure to experience an affordable journey. The absence of any hidden or additional cost, whatsoever, is the prime reason for boosting up your party experience by quite a few notches.

Some attractive additives

The unique Chicago buses offer bar facilities for clients. Moreover, availability of spacious floors and interiors vouchsafe for the fact that these limo buses are your best confidants for every occasion. Apart from that, some of the special fleets are equipped with customized karaoke system and professional bartenders. To add to your convenience, you can also receive free quotes from these bus services or place queries online. To conclude, these special buses are available in diverse designs and interiors with supporting poles, which are apt for pole dances.


The North Side Has Chicago’s Biggest Population

Chicago offers a wide range of settlements for its inhabitants. In terms of population concentration, the North Side area houses a considerable amount of the total population.The area that extends to down town region, as well as Chicago River, comprises the north part of the city. In terms of population density, this particular area exhibits a whooping population. Moreover, you can consider this place, as the most densely populated region of Chicago. Now, the population distribution in this area does not limit or concentrate itself to a specific segment. Housing almost the bulk of middle class and high-end inhabitants, the area has an extent till about the northern margins of Chicago, along the tracks of Lake Michigan. Now, in terms of housing, the major part of the city’s population, this northern part of the city contains some of the best neighbourhoods of Chicago.

The major neighbourhoods

Settlement on the North Side of Chicago region classifies itself into various community areas. These community areas are not only significant in segmenting the major neighbourhoods of the city, but also serve as stepping stones of executing housing initiatives and planning at each level. According to the reports and statistics of Social Science Research Committee, situated at the University of Chicago, the city is prospectively divided into 77 potential community regions.


  • Each community centre of Chicago contains major neighbourhoods of the area. Geographically describing, each neighbourhood equals to a single unit of accommodation. Now, a community can have a single neighbourhood or engulf more neighbourhoods within its dominance. At times, the collective characteristics of a community, quite coherently, differ from the individual features of the neighbourhood units.
  • Now, before researching on the demographics of the region, gaining considerable knowledge on various neighbourhoods of the area is of utmost importance. The community centre of North Centre comprises of two significant neighbourhood, Horner Park, and Roscoe Village.
  • If you shift towards the Lake view community area, you are likely to witness the presence of as many as four neighbourhoods. They are Lake View East, South East Ravenswood and not to forget Wrigleyville.
  • Lincoln Park area is among the most significant community centres of Chicago. Housing as many as six major neighbourhoods of the area, this specific area supports the maximum population of Chicago. To name the major neighbourhoods of the area, you will find West DePaul, Wrightwood Neighbours.
  • The community region of Avondale has the Belmont Gardens, and Kosciuszko Park within its territorial boundaries. These neighbourhoods also support a major percentage of the total population.

Reasons for population concentration

Now, there are several major as well as conspicuous reasons responsible for the population density of North Side. To begin with a few, the area is richly endowed with great shopping centres of Chicago. Moreover, north of Chicago is the breeding place for the city’s major art and cultural activities. Furthermore, the presence of Chicago Clubs, at Wrigley Field, is one of the most noteworthy landmarks of the region, lending fair share of popularity in the area. A cumulative summation of all these factors causes a considerable shift in the demographics of the area. Stay in the most populous part of the city and enjoy the company of like-minded people.